Meet Our Doctors

Toussaint Crawford, DDS

Dr. Toussaint Crawford founded Fenton Family Dental in 2009. It’s been a labor of love, at times harder than others. He initially got into dentistry in 2000 and was fortunate to be able to work with his uncle, who was a dentist. This experience working together really brought Dr. Crawford into the dentistry game. Starting out, he had no real idea that he was going to be a dentist, but the exposure encouraged him to pursue it full-time as a career. Dr. Crawford ended up staying in his uncle’s practice all the way through 2008, and by that time he had become a dentist himself. During this period, he had evolved from front desk associate to being an assistant, a steri-tech, and making the retainers in the back for patients. This experience gave him the knowledge to help propel his career forward.

For dental school, Dr. Crawford attended Howard University and graduated in 2007. Before that, he went to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, getting a degree in business. Dr. Crawford likes to combine those two specialties with Fenton Family Dental.

Our core values are: love, learn, thrive, teach. When you come into the office, you’ll see some of the team wearing t-shirts with these values. Those core values mean a lot to the team, and everyone tries to live up to them as much as they can every day. Anyone who has really tried to live up to high ideals knows that you will fail sometimes, but it’s the journey that gets you there. For the team that works here, we try to provide them with real blueprints on how to exemplify love, learn, thrive, teach as much as possible. We have listed out 25 ways on a poster that is framed on the wall in our office. We believe we are getting better at these goals every day.

In terms of dentistry here at Fenton Family Dental, our practice specializes in smile design, implants, Invisalign®, traditional dental work, and all of it is based in digital dentistry. Our practice is going to show you exactly what’s happening, take digital photos, and show you on scans. Our goal is for you to be part of this discovery journey that helps us not only explain dentistry but choose a solution that will work for your health goals. Again, digital dentistry is the basis for everything we do.

Dr. Crawford has a wife and three kids. They live in Virginia to be closer to their two step-kids. Originally from Maryland, Dr. Crawford attended St. Vincent Pallotti High School in Laurel to play basketball, which is a huge, huge passion in his life. He still plays basketball four to five times a week!

Dr. Crawford’s kids are now 20, 15, and 5. The two eldest are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters. His younger child is doing an assortment of sports but plays a lot of tennis and basketball. Dr. Crawford’s wife is also a dentist, and a dentist in the practice. They met at a previous job at Neibauer Dental Care.

Brett Barker, DDS

Dr. Brett Barker attended the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, followed by a general practice residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He was raised in a dental family and has aspired to be a dentist since he was 15 years old. Dr. Barker jumped at the chance to work with others and enable them to be proud of their smiles.

In his spare time, Dr. Barker enjoys hiking, skiing, and anything else that gets him outdoors.

Shilpa Koneru, DDS

Dr. Shilpa Koneru is originally from India where she received her Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) and then completed her two years of dental school at SUNY in Buffalo, New York, where she obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). 

Her love for the health profession comes from her uncle, a successful cardiologist, who was a great inspiration for her. Having had braces as a kid, she realised the importance of well-aligned teeth. She was amazed how having healthy teeth and great smiles can change lives and make people happy. She derives immense pleasure in caring and serving people. Relieving her patients from pain and making them smile is an utter joy for her. To Dr. Koneru, dentistry is a passion and not just a profession.

Nahal Vosoughi, DDS

Dr. Nahal Vosoughi received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) with honors in 2012 from the University of Tehran, Iran. She subsequently attended the Doctorate of Dental Medicine program at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (UMDNJ), class of 2018.

Dr. Vosoughi truly believes that performing dentistry is a perfect combination of art and science. Her passion for dentistry goes back to when she was a little girl. Her grandmother suffered from teeth problems that no dentist could solve. Dr. Vosoughi decided to become a dentist and provide the level of care her grandmother deserved. Now, as a dentist, she is able to make restorative and cosmetic changes in her patients’ smiles to relieve them of pain.

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